We have caught a piece of field, we propose an absolutely contemporary idea of the city. The possibility of combining two emotions today. The necessity of living in the thriving urban culture with the ancient call of belonging to a landscape, to recognize the.

Today the technique is possible. The opportunity in this competition to continue investigating this road that the Studio has been working since years, I think that he achieves a result which we feel particularly satisfied.

The Ordinance is masking the closed block of the widening of the 19th as typological way to continue making city. It sets very opaque areas inland. Create borders of large building in the urban alignments, generates the feeling of living crowded together in large blocks, orientations and views the rigid frame of the reticle imposed forced on people.

In response, and using the area of allowed movement, respecting all regulations and alignments, propose an image, in our view, more suggestive, modern and friendly for the user.

We esponjamos the buildability, create an enclosure that holds a more natural landscape, with movement of small elevations and depressions (achieved with the contribution of the lands of excavation of the garages) where to look and he enjoyed all dwellings. Landscape with trees grouped, metaphors of small forests, pools resembling natural lakes as well as sporting venues embedded in such surveys. A new topology which is capable of generating a spectacular central space, conceived as the true protagonist of the whole.

Dwellings are organized around it. In the more urban alignments of the solar two blocks with 4 and 2 bedroom, rational and economic structure through housing configures the forceful and metropolitan presence of the whole.



  • Status Built

  • Location Carabanchel, Madrid. Spain

  • Program Collective Housing

  • Year 2004

  • Developer Premier Procam Carabanchel S.A.


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