The architecture gives reason for the program that advises it and their understanding of the physical environment. The spatial arrangement adopted in the last alternative structure its performance through the design of a "pedestrian street", north south direction that articulates it. This "street", regulates the assembly of all common areas and services, work areas, the underground parking, the photovoltaic field... and allows a logical growth of activity. It's, in fact, the construction architectural key element. Against can be argue that it penalizes the area destined to circulation, it is logical: larger surface area, greater independence at work, greater accessibility and mobility.

The fragmentation is modulated around courtyards that diversify and sequence the bioclimatic construction capabilities. Likewise, it offers the possibility of "sinking" part of the building, controls and qualifies the visual impact, internalizes the spaces and avoids dispersion building two floors viewable only from the inside. In this sense, sequential patios available to ensure the best conditions to investigate and guarantees a cheaper construction. The integration of all systems and mechanisms that should ensure the use of solar energy and, therefore, the reduction of energy consumption and conventional facilities, in the way that the form-matter-energy speech is expressed without continuity solutions in the building construction, in its operation and in its physical presence.



  • Status Built

  • Location Sarrigurren, Pamplona. Spain.

  • Program Office

  • Year 2005

  • Developer Cener - Ciemat


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