A building with a minimum energy demand lead us to focus the proposal from a number of foundational principles:

• Maximize number of housing optimally oriented

• Ensure all double orientation dwellings

• Modulation and industrialization

• Typological and volumetric adaptability

• Minimize vertical communication cores

• Minimize common areas

• Minimize the demand for housing

• Constructive solutions wirth no maintenance cost

• Opting for the benefit of energy management

Due to location and representativeness we understand that a 30th street aligned volumes will enhance the presence of the building in the environment, collaborating also to preserve the alignment that built city. Rejecting thus buildings that only dialogue with the city through a property bounding limit.

This aligned volume becomes the south-east block of the proposal, the north-west block is placed in parallel and turns everything green boulevard alignment allows to facilitate the entrance of natural light into the space between blocks. Thanks to 5 cores, we get solve the access to all homes and allow lighting and radiation trought the large crack that guarantees double orientationn to all dwellings. The rear block rises to emphasize the feeling of open space in the central gallery setting also a porch to access covered to the staircases.



  • Status In process

  • Location Calle Játiva, Madrid. Spain

  • Program Collective Housing

  • Year 2015

  • Developer Acciona Inmobiliaria


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