A cabin in the forest: the architecture in the place.

The splendid sports area of the sports park of Puerta de Hierro next to Manzanares is one of the most suggestive green islands of ours capital.  A forest surrounded by a very strong network of infrastructures.  With a spectacular luxuriance of trees and a very rational organization and fluffed of the installations but in a somewhat careless situation, in many of them, constitutes one of the sports spaces with greater metropolitan potential.  A determined effort by part of the people responsible seems urgent to return the environmental qualities that could come so magnificent.
Some installations of recreation, services or sports, although already they are closed they maintain a great architectural value as small pieces, very much from the fifty’s-sixty’s era, with their "modern" forms and very ingenious constructive solutions and fresh (vaults, sheets of concrete, etc....) Thus walking through this precinct is to stroll among a leafy forest next to the bank of a river where one goes finding small pieces in the clear.  

An axis of beautiful banana trees organizes and structures all the area, situating the installations to both sides of this leafy axis. Attentive to this composition, ours proposed should be understood like a piece that is incorporated like a cabin in a forest space, almost at the end of the journey, in a natural and landscaped manner.
- The suggestion of the shot with arch inside a landscape environment determined guides us all, but we understand a forceful and efficient, proposal.  
- The shot with arch is a specialty that mixes the precision with the ancient art, is absolutely a fascinating technique of its increasingly more sophisticated arches with the original idea to shoot an arrow (the hunt!)  

These abstract concepts evoke us along with terms as path, tension, concentration, silence, etc. .., abstract architectures.  Not to fall in the easy or ambiguous formal figuration.  To create a very precise space, with the constructive precision of a work of Mies (he always used the metaphor of the archer in his classes!).  That traps the silence.  Where the light should be uniform and controlled.  

Without no formal fuss, with the obviousness of the natural.  Where the structure be efficient, economic and simple, but not to boast about it. Where small interior patios and lights that mixes the private solemn moment to shoot the arrow, make of the architectural silence its best allied.  For this simplicity of a small cabin or shed the archer takes refuge in a natural manner inside the forest to practice his shot.  

Therefore, this is the proposal that we present.  An enclosure made of wood, a secure place to practice.  An integrated architecture in form and materials with the predominant architecture of the trees that encircle them. 



  • Status Built

  • Location Madrid. Spain

  • Program Sports Pavilion

  • Year 2004

  • Developer Instituto Madrileño del Deporte


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