The shape of the plot (like a prow for the territory) suggests the projection of a piece able to condense all its intensity in that particular point. Heading the urban fabric that bifurcates the two main vias of its road, its chamfer becomes a characteristic milestone in order to understand this particular landscape. Nevertheless, the almost always “disconcerted” regulation of construction of our urban design, generally foreign to the architectural forms of the landscape, leads to a volumetric division due to the limitation on the length of the blocks. That fact suppose that trying to make necessity out of virtue, the project is constructed with those two volumes. The one which asumes the shape of prow of the plot, built with a contemporary language, emphasizing formally this corner by means of an expressive crack (but without boasting far from the functionality of the program).

Materials such as wood, horizontally torn openings, levels thar expand the constrast among light and shadow, make, out of this piece , a light and dynamic architecture, with clear allusion to marine architecture. The piece in the North closes the space of private access in order to try to unify the complex. This piece dialogues with the urban fabric, by means of a commercial arcade towards the village, in an very rational order of composition, where the shaft and the butress speak about the elements eminently more urban. Same stone as the Healthcare Center, linking the composition of both buildings. There is a will to create a certain “urbanity” among these two dry, convincing and sober volumes. Hence the project is a tension between the two pieces of architecture, tempered by the material used (the stone) and where the empty space is maybe the main character of the whole performance.

The most domestic inner spaces explore solutions such as balconies, viewpoints, etc., all in a modern revision of solutions used traditionally. The rational distribution of the dwellings propose an exercise of adaptation to a certain envelopes, defined by the existent alignments. The dwellings organize their different typologies depending on their urban situation, projecting some duplex in the highest volume, and taking advantage of the under cover and the best views.



  • Status Built

  • Location Meruelo, Cantabria. Spain

  • Program Collective Housing

  • Year 2003

  • Developer Derpom S.L.


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