The building comes from the development of an architecture competition winning proposal organized in the year 2006, proposal in which a double problem was fixed: the achievement of the maximum destinable quality office areas and the response to a complex urban situation.

About the urban solution, the building unfolds on a plot between dividing walls, formerly occupied by a warehouse, in El Puerto quarter which has initiated a renewal process. The building offers a space or "urban mattress", a permeable private space that occupies the strip between the street alignment and the setback lines required by the regulations. This space makes possible a smooth transition between the visually degraded environment and the white and well lightened environment offices, improving their energy conditions because it's a space shaded and well ventilated. Also an interior garden is generated for the use of the public area on the ground floor.

Through the development of this energy mattress, offices could occupy the maximum area permitted by the regulations, but without resorting to traditional and little sustainable solutions such as interior courtyards. Thus, the achievement of a quantitative maximum is made compatible with qualitative requirements, improving lighting and thermal comfort in the offices inside.



  • Status Built

  • Location Valencia, Spain

  • Program Office

  • Year 2011

  • Developer Planificaciones Urbanas


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