The project is undertaken as a reinterpretation of the classic spanish military headquarter typology, where sobriety, simplicity and practicality when solving constructive and functional issues take precedence over everything else. In this approach we add a special interest in adapting the built volume to the topography and keep the possibility of visual escapes that the Manzanares river banks offers .

Projected spaces are sober and simple, but endowed with its own spatial quality of an architecture that explores the human relationship of the user with the building and its scales.

The volumes arrangements is, deliberately, classic. In it's composition and proportion. But it's a classic style from an abstract thought. The planes that divide the project orders disintegrate in the corners, they blend into the interior of the building, compress and expand always looking for that volume game essentially concerned by the sun path and the spaces behind hide or open to the great landscape.

The building projected onto the viewer its deceptive symmetry, which is modulated by the nature of the interior spaces on each façade, the inputs, outputs, cracks and eaves naturally accepting the resulting form a program functional and sunlight that is not naturally symmetrical needs.

It is organized into three distinct sectors with specific uses and energy strategies. These three sectors are linked together by a long courtyard garden that provides fresh, visual leaks and communication between the various floors and the surrounding space.



  • Status Built

  • Location Madrid. Spain

  • Program Barracks

  • Year 2012

  • Developer Sociedad Estatal de Gestión Inmobiliaria de Patrimonio S.A.


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