The new headquarters of the National Statistics Institute in Madrid rehabilitate the obsolete building that for more than 30 years has hosted this institution. Outdated and outside regulations facilities, inadequate functional organizations, work and communication systems anachronistic for new technologies, have demanded an integral renovation of their old structures.

Since the competition we wanted the building to commit to incorporate all kinds of energy saving and environmental commitment proposals. A ceiling cooling system has been installed through absorption machine, integrated photovoltaic panels in south facade canopies, vacuum tube panels in the bioclimatic module cover, deep recesses of solar radiation attenuation, maximum energy efficiency special glasses, passive cooling systems for facades, use of materials with controlled energy cycle, waste management, water cycle management, evaporative systems, low-power installations, sun blinds, etc.

But still what is above remains key, the new building offers a new landmark in such a unique place in the city. Surrounded by sad institutional architectures, we wanted to propose a fresh, uninhibited and cheerful image to the Plaza de Castilla and the Paseo de la Castellana.

The "Diaphragm Decafónico Digit" by the sculptor Pepe Cruz Novillo for the entire southern and eastern façade is a colorful and highly expressive work, where a combinatorial color transcribing a series of numbers equivalent to 58 are shown numbered from 001 to 058 statistical data of the country, the year 2007 when the building was opened. The facade thus explains the work done by the INE and active both physically and conceptually the world of facts, statistics, and figures in which this institution works.

So the new INE in Madrid is a rational and efficient building that responds to the complexity of its use but at thesame time characteristic, different, expressive and diagrammatic as requires a kind of work like the one that develops this institution.



  • Status Built

  • Location Madrid. Spain

  • Program Statistics National Institute Headquarters

  • Year 2007

  • Developer Instituto Nacional de Estadística


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