The apartment is understood as a free-flowing, non-compartmented space, which spreads out in all directions, organized around the patio and stairs, prolonging until the terrace and opening to different sights framed by windows and gaps which are especially projected according to the background of the sight that frames Madrid.

The terrace that surrounds all the North and East façade of the building is used according to the space it serves to. So that it constitutes the real surface expansion for that. The living room area is spread and makes the most of the terrace, which is closed as a living room. The access area opens its sight towards Madrid through an impeccable garden. And the terrace close to the bedroom is used as a free-air solarium and a functional prolongation of the bedroom.
On a plan free from partitions, only structured by existing pillars, we choose to design the space with a series of furniture, technical equipment which qualifies it and makes it able to fulfill effectively the different uses.

Functionality in the organization of the program by means of a living room that is communicated with the public rooms and the guests’, and that connects more carefully with the most private areas; always avoiding the use of dark and never-ending corridors.



  • Status Built

  • Location Madrid. Spain

  • Program Private House

  • Year 2004

  • Developer Private


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